Wearing one necklace is fine but why not pile them on and let yourself shine?!

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 How To Layer


Choosing your jewelry is as personal as choosing your hair style…

so make sure it really fits you.


That’s why the first and most important rule in layering is to trust your intuition.


First: Look through yourjewelry collection and see what speaks to you.

What kind of mood are you in?

What colors and textures are calling out to you?

Do you have any favorite pieces?

What do you feel inspired by right now?


Second: Decide how you feel and choose something that represents your vibe. Trust your gut! If you pick pieces that bring you joy, they’ll naturally look great together.


Third: Combine colors and textures to express who you really are—confident, sexy, strong, feminine…you get to decide.

Layering multiple pieces helps to make your look your own.


Fourth: Look for variations in the chains, play around with different lengths, try combining old and new favorites, or pair daintier pieces with bold pendants and strong colors. 


The layered look is chic and trendy, yet it’s timeless as well. All women, regardless of age or sense of style, can adorn themselves with beautiful layers of color and texture. This process is totally personal and should feel fun and easy! There are no wrong answers when it comes to expressing yourself through jewelry.

Try it out and make it your own!